SEGi University’s CNY Celebration – Bridging Nations, Shaping Futures

SEGi University’s Chinese New Year celebration dazzled attendees with a spectacle of cultural richness and esteemed guests. On 20 February 2024, the university welcomed Zheng Xuefang, Minister of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia, and Zhao Changtao, the Chinese Embassy Education Counsellor, to partake in the festivities.

The campus transformed into a vibrant hub of activity as the air buzzed with excitement and anticipation. The rhythmic beats of the Dragon Dance and Lion Dance performances filled the atmosphere, captivating all who witnessed the spectacle.

Adding to the event’s allure was a captivating showcase by the Confucius Institute, showcasing traditional artistry and wisdom that left the audience spellbound.

The event drew an impressive crowd of nearly 400 people, including management from SEGi University and Colleges, representatives from Confucius Institutes, both local and international, as well as faculty members and students. The presence of such esteemed guests added prestige and excitement to the occasion.

Ambassador Zheng Xuefang commenced the celebration by extending warm Chinese New Year greetings and best wishes to all attendees. He applauded the hosting of the Lunar New Year event and highlighted the significance of 2024 as the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and Malaysia, also known as the “China-Malaysia Friendship Year.”

Ambassador Zheng expressed his optimism for the future of China-Malaysia relations, emphasizing the importance of educational exchanges and cultural cooperation. He underscored the role of celebrations like these in fostering friendship and understanding between the two nations.

Koh Yoke Ling, the local director of the Confucius Institute at SEGi University, echoed Ambassador Zheng’s sentiments in her speech, emphasizing the institute’s dedication to promoting cultural exchanges and fostering friendships between Malaysia and China.

Following the formalities, Ambassador Zheng and university representatives took the opportunity to explore the Confucius Institute and the Chinese traditional cultural exhibition booth. They extended their warm regards to representatives of Chinese students, lecturers, and volunteers, further strengthening the bonds of friendship and cooperation.

SEGi University’s Chinese New Year celebration showcased cultural diversity but also a testament to the university’s commitment to fostering global understanding and cooperation. With such memorable events, SEGi University continues to shine as a beacon of excellence in Malaysia’s educational landscape.

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