Coding and Machine Learning Estimation for eCO2, Area, Economics: Bridging the Gap

A compelling demonstration of the potential of academic research publication by our ambitious students from Chemical Engineering has successfully piqued the interest of a multinational engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) powerhouse, JJ-Lurgi. The collaboration signifies a momentous stride towards addressing carbon emissions in the oleochemical industry.

The research journey began with a group of committed students under the supervision of Ir Kenneth Yeoh, Dr Mohd Faizan Jamaluddin and Ir Choo Chee Ming along with their passion for addressing carbon emissions in the oleochemical industry. What started as an academic endeavour soon evolved into a powerful exploration of innovative solutions to a pressing environmental challenge.

The success of this research did not go unnoticed. The multinational EPC (engineering, procurement, and construction) giant, JJ-Lurgi, recognised the transformative potential of the research and initiated a collaboration. This partnership not only provided essential input and expertise but also gave the research a concrete path towards implementation.

At the pilot meeting, we were honoured to be invited and joined by key figures from the JJ-Lurgi South East Asia Team, including Mr Tiew Kin Gee, General Manager of the Engineering Division; Mr Christian Frey, General Manager of the Tech Division; Ms Tan Hui Ngi, Manager of the Process Development Team; and Mr Wong Mun Kit, Principal Engineer, along with the rest of the senior team.

This session concluded on a promising note, highlighting the tangible knowledge exchange between academia and industry. It showcased how research can serve as a practical blueprint for addressing global sustainability objectives, particularly in reducing emissions within a critical industrial sector. The meeting underscored the immense potential that emerges when academic excellence and industrial expertise converge to create sustainable solutions.

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