Everyone has equal opportunities with SEGi’s Apel.A

Although each and every one of us has equal rights, we never had equal opportunities. People coming from poor families oftentimes lack the financial means to pursue a master’s degree, or even a diploma for that matter.

The lack of qualification means they will lose out later in the corporate world, being overlooked by employers for promotion or being unable to procure a better job.

To address this unfairness, SEGi University & Colleges is offering Apel.A. This allows individuals who lack the necessary entry requirements to further their education.

Through Apel.A, anyone can enrol in a master’s degree programme with the minimum requirement of STPM, diploma or equivalent qualification.

The individual needs to be 30 years and above and possess the relevant work experience. Using the traditional route, however, they will require a bachelor’s degree to qualify for such a pursuit.

Similarly, they can enrol in a bachelor’s degree by being 21 years old and having relevant work experience. With Apel.A, a diploma is unnecessary.

Therefore Apel.A opens up a wide range of opportunities for people to upskill and improve their livelihood. Besides, a considerable amount of time is shortened and expenses are reduced.

Apel.A also addresses another common issue. Experience learned through one’s work is undoubtedly valuable, but conventional evaluation does not take this into account.

This is not the case with Apel.A, which recognises all forms of acquired knowledge, be it formal or informal. Note that the assessment for Apel.A is a combination of aptitude test and portfolio submission, their respective percentage varying for the bachelor’s and master’s degree.

Apel.A for the master’s degree will further require an interview, accounting for 10% of the assessment. SEGi University & Colleges through Apel.A places the importance of relevant work experience to the forefront as appropriate since it trumps the theories and classroom exercises. Prior qualification is now no longer a barrier for people looking to upgrade themselves through quality education.

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