Culinary Triumph: SEGi Students Shine at Culinaire Malaysia 2023

Culinary excellence and innovation were on full display at the recent Culinaire Malaysia 2023 event held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) on the 19th of September, 2023. SEGi University’s School of Hospitality & Tourism Management, in collaboration with the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), the Professional Culinaire Association (PCA), and the Malaysian Food and Beverage Executives Association (MFBEA), provided a platform for students to develop, showcase, and excel in their culinary skills.

The event not only celebrated the diversity of culinary talent but also recognized the dedication and creativity of the students and lecturers who participated. It was a stage where culinary enthusiasts pushed their boundaries, experimented with flavors, and created unique and innovative dishes.

Ben Ooi Kok Keong, a promising student from SEGi University, emerged as a Silver Award winner in his category: Class 20 Apprentice Fish Main Course (Western Cuisine). His achievement underscored his exceptional knife skills, culinary techniques, and presentation abilities. Ben’s success was a testament to his commitment to the art of cooking and his willingness to explore new horizons.

Mr. Muhammad Yazid Bin Ani, a dedicated lecturer at SEGi University, received the Diploma Award in his category: Class 19 – Malaysian Heritage Cuisine. This recognition celebrated his expertise in Malaysian culinary heritage and marked his contribution to passing down this rich culinary tradition to the next generation.

Culinaire Malaysia 2023, with its emphasis on creativity and culinary skills, provided students with a unique opportunity to hone their abilities. It encouraged them to think outside the box, experiment with a wide range of flavors and ingredients, and come up with dishes that showcased their creativity and innovation.

Furthermore, the event served as a confidence booster for students. It offered a platform for them to showcase their culinary talents and receive valuable feedback from esteemed judges. This feedback not only helped them grow but also inspired them to further refine their skills and craft.

The recognition and rewards bestowed upon students at Culinaire Malaysia 2023 served as incentives for their future culinary endeavors. It highlighted the importance of acknowledging and nurturing culinary talent, motivating students to continue pushing the boundaries of their culinary prowess.

In conclusion, Culinaire Malaysia 2023 was a stage where culinary dreams transformed into reality. SEGi University, in collaboration with industry associations, provided a platform for students to showcase their culinary talents, receive feedback, and gain recognition. It was a celebration of culinary excellence, innovation, and the boundless potential of aspiring chefs.

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