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From dispensing medicines to providing advice and counselling, pharmacists have always been a key anchor in the health care services sector. Today, a pharmacist’s role and responsibilities are beyond just prescriptions and medicines.

Employment opportunities also abound for pharmacists as graduates can choose to work at hospitals, retail or community pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, government or military services, drug research and development labs, clinical research centres, medical sales, or venture into technical or scientific writing and research.

Pharmacy graduates can even set up their own physical or online pharmacy business but before getting there, you need to secure a relevant and recognised degree.

SEGi University has been offering the Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) degree since 2012 and our programme is fully accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and the Pharmacy Board of Malaysia.

Besides access to an all-rounded learning experience, an exciting campus life and well-equipped laboratories and facilities, you will also be guided by a team of professional academic staff who possess significant industry experience in various areas of pharmacy practice.

One notable reason why SEGi’s Pharmacy programme is highly sought after is its high student employability rate where our graduates gain 100% employability thanks to the comprehensive training received through the course of their four-year study.

SEGi’s teaching and learning approaches adopted by the Faculty of Pharmacy are also among the core reasons why our Pharmacy graduates are highly commended at their places of employment.

This is mainly because you will be constantly exposed to hands-on scientific, clinical and professional training to develop your skills and competencies. Apart from practical classes, you will also explore the exciting world of simulated learning and be given experiential placements in community pharmacies, hospitals and pharmaceutical drug companies in your final year.

SEGi’s pharmacy curriculum is also in line with the Ministry of Health’s Strategic Plan to move the profession forward, particularly in the aspect of research and development (R&D). We dedicate an entire semester to research work to help familiarise you with the latest trends and challenges facing the industry.

You will certainly not miss out on student life as we also encourage you to pursue all sorts of enrichment programmes and activities to hone your soft skills. This includes participation in national and international competition, public health programmes, community outreach projects and not forgetting, campus activities so that you get to enjoy a wholesome student experience at SEGi.

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