Expanding Horizons: SEGi’s Endeavour towards International Internships

In the vibrant tapestry of education, international collaborations often serve as pivotal moments, shaping the future of both students and institutions. On the 9th of October 2023, SEGi’s Faculty of Early Childhood Education and Psychology (FOELPM) achieved a milestone, heralding a new era in global education. Carolyn, Anna, Sathia, and Sindu, stalwarts of FOELPM, orchestrated a groundbreaking event named ‘Internship Collaboration between SEGi & Tien Yuan Kindergarten, Taiwan.’ This event not only marked a significant achievement but also exemplified SEGi’s commitment to nurturing global citizens.

The crux of this achievement lay in the partnership discussions between the DECE department at SEGi Kota Damansara and Tien Yuan Kindergarten, Taiwan. The prospect of offering internship opportunities for our Early Childhood Education (ECE) students in Taiwan captured the essence of international education. As a precursor to this transformative collaboration, SEGi welcomed esteemed visitors from Taiwan: Lien Shu Chuan, the principal of the kindergarten; Hsieh Chun I, the Education Department leader; and Juan Xiu Wen. Their presence signified the beginning of a profound exchange of knowledge and experiences.

Hsieh Chun-I, the Education Department Leader, delivered an enlightening briefing session about the kindergarten’s background, vision, mission, curriculum, facilities, and the intricacies of the internship processes and budgeting. This session acted as a catalyst, opening the minds of SEGi’s ECE students and lecturers to the possibilities and challenges of interning in a foreign land. It provided a valuable glimpse into the world of international education, showcasing the dedication and vision of Tien Yuan Kindergarten.

The collaboration with Tien Yuan Kindergarten was not just about internships; it was a visionary step towards holistic student development. SEGi’s ECE students were presented with the unique opportunity to face challenges head-on, fostering problem-solving skills, adaptability to a new culture, and honing cross-cultural communication abilities. The event was not merely a meeting; it was a transformative experience, shaping the future professionals of tomorrow.

With approximately 50 DECE students and 5 DECE lecturers in attendance, the event resonated with enthusiasm and promise. SEGi’s collaboration with Tien Yuan Kindergarten stands as a testament to the institution’s dedication to providing its students with a global perspective. This achievement not only enriched the lives of those present but also sowed the seeds for a future where international boundaries blur, and knowledge knows no limits.

In the grand tapestry of education, this achievement is a stroke of brilliance, painting SEGi’s commitment to global learning with vibrant hues. As SEGi eagerly awaits further information from Tien Yuan Kindergarten, the institution stands poised on the precipice of a new chapter, where international internships become more than an opportunity; they become a transformative journey into a world of endless possibilities.

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