Lee Xin Yee’s Ground breaking Study at the 2023 SEGI-IAOMP Symposium

A symposium, in the realm of academia, is a gathering where scholars, researchers, and students convene to discuss, share, and explore advancements in a particular field of study. It serves as a platform for intellectual discourse, fostering innovation and learning. In May 2023, SEGi University hosted the SEGI-IAOMP Symposium, a prestigious event that brought together the brightest minds in dentistry. Among the standout achievers was Lee Xin Yee, a fourth-year BDS student, whose ground-breaking research set a new standard in dental exploration.

Lee Xin Yee, a dedicated and ambitious fourth-year BDS student, took a significant leap in the realm of dental research at the 2023 SEGI-IAOMP Symposium. Her presentation, titled “Sunflower Seed-Induced Tooth Attrition: A Case Series,” not only garnered attention but also clinched the THIRD prize in the highly competitive oral presentation category. Her achievement was a testament to her meticulous research, innovative thinking, and dedication to addressing pressing oral health concerns.

Lee Xin Yee’s research focused on a rather intriguing yet overlooked aspect of oral health – the impact of consuming dried sunflower seeds on tooth attrition. The study delved into four distinct clinical cases, each portraying varying levels of attrition severity. These cases not only highlighted the distressing symptoms experienced by the patients but also shed light on an aspect of dental health that had previously been neglected in academic exploration. Through her comprehensive investigation, Lee Xin Yee illuminated the potential dental consequences of this prevalent habit, providing valuable insights into a previously uncharted territory of oral health.

Lee Xin Yee’s pioneering study holds immense significance for the field of dentistry. By uncovering the dental implications of consuming dried sunflower seeds, she has paved the way for further research, awareness, and preventive measures in addressing tooth attrition related to dietary habits. Her work not only contributes to the academic knowledge base but also holds practical implications for dental practitioners, educators, and public health initiatives.

Lee Xin Yee’s exceptional achievement at the 2023 SEGI-IAOMP Symposium stands as a beacon of academic excellence and innovation. Her dedication to exploring uncharted realms of dental health, coupled with her insightful research, has not only earned her recognition but has also expanded the horizons of dental science. As an achiever, Lee Xin Yee exemplifies the spirit of curiosity, tenacity, and excellence that drives academic progress, making her a source of inspiration for her peers and future generations of dental scholars.


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