SEGi, University Of The World

As the world becomes increasingly borderless, people from diverse nationalities will find it easier to interact, physically or virtually. Hence graduates need to be better prepared to navigate the multitude of opinions and culture that is bound to converge in a corporate setting.

Taking this into consideration, it is vital for university and college programmes to not only account for the academic aspect of a graduate. To provide a holistic educational experience, an exemplary educational institution needs to create a diverse and inclusive environment.

That means having students from different nationalities, cultural backgrounds, religion, sexual identity and social status.

The different perspectives and worldviews allow students to learn from one another besides teaching them to better appreciate each other’s differences.

But to facilitate such a learning experience can be a challenge since the university or college needs to provide the necessary support to the foreign students. To better uphold the concept of a diverse institution, the faculty and staff ranks should also be equally diversified.

It can be a complex situation but SEGi University has convincingly surmounted this obstacle by leaps and bounds. In 2021 alone, SEGi University was awarded the QS 5 Stars* Plus for its excellence and diversity.

This status was awarded to the university for attaining QS 5-star rating in eight evaluations. Note that SEGi University was one of only 23 universities worldwide and one of only two Malaysian universities that was awarded the QS 5 Stars Plus acclaim.

This clearly indicates that SEGi University has the right ecosystem to nurture the interaction between local and international students.

It is also a strong commitment towards enriching the student experience through the power of diversity, a mission that every institute of higher learning should strive to achieve.



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