Exploration of Culinary Talents: THE FACE Hospitality Explores Opportunities at SEGi

On October 12, 2023, SEGi welcomed a distinguished delegation from THE FACE Hospitality, Kuala Lumpur, on an insightful field trip. Led by Datuk Alex Tan and Mr. Tan Ay Yong, the owners of THE FACE Hospitality, the visit aimed to identify and engage with talented students and alumni passionate about the culinary arts, presenting promising employment and internship opportunities.

THE FACE Hospitality is an integral part of THE FACE Hotels & Resorts Sdn Bhd., renowned for providing world-class services and opulent amenities to its guests. With a dedicated team of experienced hoteliers, the division stands committed to maintaining its status as a leading name in the regional hospitality industry. Inspired by a mission to cater to discerning travelers expecting luxurious comfort and impeccable service, THE FACE Hospitality is set to open a new fine dining restaurant, MOLINA, situated in the vibrant heart of the Golden Triangle under the expert guidance of Chef Sidney Schutte.

Accompanying the owners on the trip were Mr. Jason S’ng, General Manager, and Chef Sidney Schutte, a distinguished 2-Michelin Stars Chef from the Netherlands, along with the Human Resource manager and Purchasing manager.

During the visit, culinary arts and hospitality students had the unique opportunity to participate in an inspirational talk by the General Manager and the 2-Michelin Stars Chef. The speakers shed light on the essential qualities needed to become successful in the competitive world of Michelin Stars chefs and hoteliers. They emphasized the challenges students must prepare for as they embark on their journey into the hospitality industry, particularly in the culinary field.

In a reciprocal exchange, students had the chance to showcase bakery products crafted during their classes, receiving valuable feedback from the esteemed SVH Master Chef adorned with a prestigious 2 Michelin Stars. This recognition was a significant honor for the culinary teams from SEGi.

Beyond talent scouting, the visit fostered the potential for academic collaboration between SEGi and THE FACE Hospitality. The parties discussed avenues for active partnerships, including program development and implementation, aiming for mutual benefits through collaborative efforts in the academic realm. This marks the beginning of a promising collaboration that holds the potential to shape the future of culinary education at SEGi.

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