Exploring the Alchemy of Aluminium Sulphate: SEGi Students’ Industrial Odyssey

On the 12th of October 2023, a cohort of budding chemical engineering students from SEGi University embarked on an enlightening journey into the heart of industrial chemistry. Their destination: See Sen Chemical Berhad in Sendayan, Negeri Sembilan, a production plant specializing in the synthesis of aluminium sulphate. This industrial visit aimed to bridge the gap between theoretical classroom knowledge and the real-world application of chemical engineering principles.

Unveiling the Chemistry of Aluminium Sulphate Production: The day commenced with an engaging presentation by the plant’s production manager, unraveling the intricate chemical processes involved in aluminium sulphate production. From the fundamental reactions with aluminium oxide and sulfuric acid to the final product, students witnessed how textbook theories transformed into tangible processes within the operational context of the facility.

Behind the Scenes Tour: The learning journey continued with an immersive tour of the plant’s various process units. Towering reactors, precision dilution tanks, gas absorbers, product storage facilities, and waste management sections were all on display. This firsthand exposure allowed students to witness the seamless orchestration of these units, emphasizing the pivotal role of chemical engineers in optimizing efficiency throughout the production chain.

Career Exploration and Professional Insights: The industrial visit wasn’t just a visual spectacle; it opened a window to potential career paths in chemical engineering. Students had the opportunity to interact with the plant’s personnel, including engineers, lab technicians, and the plant manager. These professionals generously shared their career anecdotes and insights, offering a glimpse into the diverse roles that chemical engineers can embrace within the industry.

Inspiration for Future Chemical Engineers: As the visit concluded, the students left with not only a deeper understanding of aluminium sulphate production but also a renewed sense of purpose in their academic journey. The memories forged during this industrial odyssey are expected to serve as lasting inspiration, propelling these aspiring chemical engineers toward a future where theory and practice seamlessly converge.

In essence, the SEGi Chemical Engineering industrial visit to See Sen Chemical Berhad was more than a field trip; it was a transformative experience that illuminated the path from academia to industry, leaving an indelible mark on the future chemical engineers of SEGi University.

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