SEGi Bed Making Competition Takes Centre Stage

In a bid to transform a seemingly mundane task into an art form, SEGi recently hosted the Theme Bed Making Competition, an event designed to test and elevate the bed-making skills of its students. The competition, held on 23 October 2023, not only sought to evaluate the participants’ knowledge of bed-making but also aimed to foster creativity in crafting beds for special occasions.

A Fusion of Learning and Creativity: The competition kicked off with an insightful sharing session conducted by professionals from The Prestige Hotel. This session provided participants with industry insights, setting the stage for the ensuing bed-making challenge. The goal was not merely to make a bed but to transform it into a thematic masterpiece, showcasing the participants’ ability to infuse creativity and flair into their work.

Connecting Aspirations with Opportunities: The competition went beyond being a test of skills; it provided a valuable platform for participants to connect with industry professionals. Representatives from The Prestige Hotel, a leading name in the hospitality sector, were present as judges. This not only offered participants a chance to showcase their talents but also opened doors to potential career opportunities within the industry.

Recognition and Exposure: For participants, the competition wasn’t just about sheets and pillows; it was an opportunity to gain recognition within the industry. Winning or even participating in such events significantly enhances visibility and could be a stepping stone to potential career advancements. The competition aimed to shine a spotlight on the talents of the participants, acknowledging their skills and potential contributions to the industry.

Learning from Feedback and Peers: Judges provided valuable feedback, creating a learning environment for participants. The exchange of ideas and constructive criticism not only enriched the participants’ experience but also spurred them to explore new avenues of creativity. The competition served as a melting pot of diverse perspectives, inspiring participants to refine their skills and push the boundaries of their creativity.

Inspiration for Future Creations: As the competition concluded in The Eden Suite at SEGi, participants left with more than just the satisfaction of a well-made bed. They carried with them the inspiration to continuously improve their skills and approach their future work with newfound creativity. The event, beyond being a competition, became a catalyst for innovation and excellence in the realm of bed making.

In essence, the Theme Bed Making Competition at SEGi was not only a testament to the students’ prowess in a fundamental hospitality skill but also a celebration of creativity, learning, and the potential for promising careers in the industry.

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