Grooming Research Experts for IR 4.0

Since the past few years, everybody is talking about the ongoing industrial revolution 4.0. It has not only transform industries and businesses, but also changed higher education systems worldwide, as its impact changes needs of students, expectations of society, skills requirements of employers, and rapidly drive technology to evolve.

Economists observes that a culture of continuous learning and constant upskilling is required before Malaysia can participate in Industry 4.0.Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz, Malaysia’s former international trade and industry minister, said that the old education format can no longer cope with the demands of Industry 4.0 which requires knowledge in all areas of related services as well as production and supply chains.

“A ‘revolution in education’ is required to be in line with the dynamics of the marketplace domestically, regionally, and globally. Education is the lynchpin to a Malaysia moving forward successfully in the highly competitive operating environment. Failure to revolutionise the education system, structure and software and content will render Malaysia unable to meet the new demands and imperatives,” said Tan Sri Rafidah. To address this issue, Tan Sri Rafidah believes that a revamp of the overall higher education spectrum is needed to effectively close the gap between the supply and demand for human resource in the new economic sectors.

SEGi University has been producing industry relevant graduates, and in view of the current Industry 4.0 revolution, continue to update programmes offered to its students and collaborate with industry leaders to ensure its academics and students are Industry 4.0 ready. It is committed to adopting a global benchmark in producing world-class students and academics who could constantly evolve and generates the Malaysian economy to the next level. It focuses on a student-centred environment where students are provided with opportunities to interact and work with industry partners on their assignments and projects, and have access to advanced laboratories and workshops with essential tools in the development of their skills. In the new economic landscape and the evolving demand of skills essential for Industry 4.0, many qualified professionals are driven to acquiring new skills or upgrading their current skills and venture into impactful research.

Always on the ball of what the industry require, SEGi University launched its first Research & Development (R&D) Blueprint (2016 – 2020), focusing on three main phases, in 2015. The blueprint allowed SEGi University to drive successful research and innovation strategy with an impactful outcome for the community. A clear theme that runs through this blueprint is the need for all components of the university system to work seamlessly together. In moving forward, SEGi University internalise its research capability through effective collaboration among the public, university, business sectors and across national boundaries, allowing for steady, long-term investments in R&D, starting with good facilities, internal grants and other infrastructures which could support Industry 4.0 research clusters in a bigger scale.

SEGi University, through its Research & Innovation Management Centre (RIMC) and Institute of Graduate Research (IGS), is committed to develop its own capabilities to achieve the targeted R&D rooting and indigenisation of the whole activity. It is also committed to nurture a pipeline of scholars, groom global leaders in research and contribute productively towards the industries as well as foster the collaboration and mutual understanding and trust which will enable the whole system to grow and to prosper over time. Examples of high impact research and collaboration with Industry are the recent launch of its SEGi – MIMOS Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its research collaboration with Health Sciences University Hokkaido (HSUH), Japan, in the Medical field.

The collaboration with MIMOS will bridge the gap between basic research being undertaken by SEGi University and technology development in MIMOS through collaborative research and development in relation to Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as develop a pool of human resources competent in the area of Artificial Intelligence for the country. Whereas the agreement with HSUH will increase the options for cross border sharing of knowledge, academic information, learning and teaching experience, and research between the two Universities, which ultimately will benefit the society of both countries.

“At SEGi University, our aim is not merely for creation, preservation and dissemination of knowledge, but staff and students are also passionately groomed in research endeavours. We help promote multidisciplinary and collaborative research, foster industry linkages and encourage global outlook. We also place high regards on ethical and responsible research for professional consultancy development. In short, through R&D we help turn ideas and creativity into innovative products for commercialization prospects and as highly competitive genuine businesses.” shared Dr. Mahadevan Supramaniam, Director, Research & Innovation Management Centre (RIMC) and Institute of Graduate Research (IGS), SEGi University.

Dr. Mahadevan added, “Apart from establishing connections and spearheading research collaborations, SEGi University will go one step further, it will be organising an International Conference and Exhibition on Industry 4.0: A Global Revolution in Business, Technology and Productivity from 5th – 7th September 2019 with a keynote address by YAB Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Prime Minister of Malaysia. This event will bring together all the stakeholders, the government agencies, businesses, professionals and experts from all over the world to meet and share their experiences, products and services to roll-out IR4.0 more effectively in Malaysia.”

If you are a working professional, seeking to elevate your career, elevate your research expertise, and be a part of the Industry 4.0 revolution, make the time to schedule for an information session and campus visit today and learn how SEGi University could assist you in achieving your career goals. Log on to or call 03-6145 1777 or WhatsApp 011-1210 6389. Alternatively, speak to our counsellors to learn more about the courses, workshops and research opportunities available for you.

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