Postgraduate studies, the way forward for career growth

Postgraduate education has become more of a necessity as the global workplace becomes more competitive and complex. Ten or perhaps 20 years ago, undergraduate qualification was the basis for hiring. Certain fields even accepted diplomas and certificates but it is common to see graduates with degrees and double degrees entering the job market today.

While new graduates are trying to outweigh each other by listing additional skills and talent in their resumes, experienced professionals are constantly looking for an upgrade and growth from their current position. At SEGi, we believe a postgraduate certificate may just prove to be a good solution in both scenarios.

By definition, postgraduate studies basically refer to master’s or doctoral degrees. These are flexible but important academic options for many working professionals today. Career growth has always been a top priority for every career-minded professional, regardless the field.

Traditionally, for professionals to experience growth, they are expected to outperform their key performance indicators (KPIs). Today, choosing to complete their postgraduate studies can also be equally rewarding.

Firstly, postgraduate studies help to broaden one’s horizon. Whether you are upskilling or acquiring new skills and knowledge, postgraduate education adds greater value to your existing qualification. You get an opportunity to upgrade your skills and get initiated into the world of research and development (R&D), strategic analysis and high value project management. In addition, you will also refresh or gain greater analytical, problem-solving, decision-making, communication, risk and people management skills – all of which will make you a better professional in your chosen field.

R&D is a very important element of growth for organisations today, especially with the growing need to be equipped with Industry 4.0-driven skills such as virtual collaboration, adaptive and design thinking and data analysis and management. R&D skills also means you’re highly analytical and independent because you need to be self-driven in your research analysis and project work.

Not only will this provide an opportunity for career expansion – both, in terms of bigger roles and responsibilities and change of career – it also enhances your job prospects, which means higher chances for a pay raise, promotion or specialisation.

Speaking of specialisation, did you know that one of the main components of the National Policy on Industry 4.0 is upskilling existing talent and producing future talent with specialist knowledge and R&D skills? This goes to say that there is a gold mine waiting to be tapped in the various fields and those with postgraduate qualifications will certainly have an upper hand at exploring the possibilities of new growth areas, making them an industry expert.

The good news is, with SEGi, you can earn your master or doctoral degrees within 12 and 36 months while working (up to 6 years depending on your pace for PhDs) and you don’t have worry about burning a hole in your pocket as our high-quality postgraduate studies are both affordable and accessible. Our courses are uniquely structured and enriching and are carried out through a blended learning approach.

Besides industry-relevant modules, weekend/evening workshops and online learning features, SEGi postgraduate students also have the opportunity to gain qualifications including dual awards from our Australian and UK partner universities.

Not only that, SEGi has also been recognised as a Centre of Excellence in Artificial Intelligence by the National Applied R&D Centre or MIMOS and has an expansive network of industry partners like Malaysian Financial Planning Council and Chartered Institute of Management Accountants to provide you with the best learning opportunities and outcomes.

Come join us today and advance your career with our wide-ranging postgraduate programmes. To learn more about the programmes offered, visit

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