How technology transformed traditional teaching

The advancements in educational technology are not about replacing teachers. Most of today’s modern teaching methods are an evolution from traditional teaching methods.

Modern technology is actually helping teachers by giving their trusted teaching practices a new lease of life. Here are some ways of how modern technology is contributing to today’s education.

  1. Improved student-teacher interaction

Technology introduces plenty of tools to help stimulate real-time teacher interaction with the students. For example, SEGi uses Google Classroom and other G Suite for Education tools for more efficient teaching and learning. Today, educational software has taken traditional teaching methods and modernised them.

  1. Increased efficiencies

At SEGi, teachers can use interactive whiteboards and online platforms such as SEGi Blackboard to create new lesson plans and import existing ones to be reused from time to time. The students can use this platform to do their revisions and discussions. Fifteen years ago, lecturers were saving and delivering lessons via PowerPoint and prior to that they wrote content on roller chalkboards in preparation of lessons but now everything is available at the touch of a button.

  1. Maximised learning time

Homework was used to assist students in the learning process. But, in today’s era, students use technology to watch lectures outside the classroom through software applications such as SEGi Blackboard. This helps improve the thinking process and deepens the understanding of subjects learned in the classroom. Support materials for assignments are included in the learning management system (LMS) such as web links, shared documents, video and others. This platform is very engaging and maximises learners’ learning time beyond the classroom. Besides that, applications such as Google Docs and Padlet allow collaboration with others where teams can work together beyond the confines of the classroom.

  1. Improved access to resources

Many years ago, books were the only way to prepare valuable teaching material, refer, learn and prepare for examinations. Today’s educational tools provide access to online resources such as e-books, online forums and e-study which help in providing the latest and relevant references and study materials.

  1. Building excitement in learning and teaching

Teachers generally ask questions to inspire discussions and feedback to stimulate the learning process. However, mobile technology today makes it easier to have group discussions via WhatsApp or Google tools or have students send their answers directly to their teachers, which promotes greater learning, engagement, and participation outside the classroom.

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