Things at SEGi are about to level up!

If you are pursuing business and accounting programmes with us you will soon be experiencing super cool and futuristic elements that are in line with the Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0).

IR4.0 has been changing the way businesses are being conducted today. For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the term, IR4.0 refers to the latest revolution that gives greater importance to elements like artificial intelligence, smart technologies, Internet of Things, data analytics and more.

In a way, businesses are getting smarter and more seamless with technology adoption so it also becomes important for you to be IR4.0-ready when you are entering the workforce.

This is why SEGi is going through a major transformation this year to ensure all its courses are up-to-date and relevant to the industry so that our graduates will remain employable and relevant too.

The Faculty of Business, Accountancy, and Management (FOBAM), SEGi University will soon be introducing a Business Simulation Lab that will mimic a stock market trading set.

Remember “The Big Short” or “Wolf of Wall Street”? With this Simulation Lab which will feature a Trading Lab, you can imagine the scene of a crowded stock market trading and be part of the interaction and decision-making process.

How will this benefit you? A simulated learning environment empowers you to understand the subject matter through experiential learning. You would have access to a customised system with comprehensive data to analyse the market, make investment decisions, learn about the risks involved and ways to mitigate them.

Plus, it turns a boring classroom into a lively “work-like” environment so that you’re better prepared for the actual environment.

This Trading Lab will give you access to a similar system used by traders and brokers which will help you see the bigger picture but more than that, this knowledge will come in handy when you are studying the market or developing business strategies as part of your coursework or your actual job, later.

Apart from the Trading Lab, SEGi also has enhanced the syllabi by upgrading and integrating digital elements that are in line with IR4.0.

Besides significant changes to the four business specialisations, namely General Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, and Human Resource Management, SEGi will also introduce an additional specialisation in Business Analytics which covers essentials such as Business Data Modelling, Introductory Econometrics, and Principles of Forecasting and Applications among others.

All these and more await you at SEGi this year. Plus, there are exciting collaborations with some established industry players in the pipeline which will benefit students tremendously.

Stay tuned for more updates!



SEGi offers a variety of Business, Accounting, Finance and Management studies including dual degree programmes in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire, UK (UCLAN) such as Bachelor of Accounting and Finance, Bachelor of Accounting and Bachelor of Business Management.

It also offers articulation pathways for degrees in International Accounting and Finance and International Business Management with UCLAN where students complete the first two years in SEGi and their final year in the UK.

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