Online Self Care Workshop by OrphanCare Foundation

There is an average of five rape cases reported in Malaysia on a daily basis. The problem lies not in the hands of an individual or a few misogynistic men but in society as a whole. It lies in the mind-set of the people and every one of us taking part in rape culture by endorsing rape myths. Leading the initiatives by taking students’ mental wellbeing and self care awareness into consideration, the Counselling Services and the Faculty of Education had approached the OrphanCare Foundation’s Advocacy and Communications Manager, Ms. Riza Alwi to give a good glimpse on the topic Self Care Awareness Workshop via Zoom meeting.

The talk was facilitated by Ms. Alice Lim, a registered counsellor from Counseling Services Office of Student Affairs and it was attended by nearly 60 diploma and degree SEGi students, mostly from those majoring in Early Childhood Education. It was a fruitful talk and very informative as Ms. Riza had touched on various sensitive topics which may deemed as taboo to some yet crucial to talk about. such as consented sex, date rape, baby dumping, hidden truth behind sexual harassment even between the same gender, sexual transmitted disease ,practicing assertiveness and self-care tips for female to protect themselves against unwanted harassment and sexual assault. The students had participated actively and asked various questions during the session.

OrphanCare Foundation advocates and works to give children who are in institutions and unplanned newborn babies whose lives are at risk the opportunity to grow up in the care of a loving family. Thank you, OrphanCare Foundation and kudos to all students for the overwhelming participation!

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