Keeping the motivation high for online classes

The Covid-19 pandemic took the world by surprise and by storm. It is as if the world paused for a while.  As situations return to normal or shall we say, adapting to the ‘new normal’ where social distancing and hygiene are of utmost importance, online learning continues to soar. However, how do we stay motivated whenever we pick up our study materials, especially when Netflix and PlayStation is a click away?

Here are a few aspects to keep in check.

  1. Discipline

No matter what we do, discipline is key to success. Imagine procrastinating everything and anything. Double-up your dining table into a desk (although you have one) or take a lap or two around the house as a way of “walking to classes” to get that ‘head-space’. Also, you can use a calendar app to remind you about lectures or study time.

  1. Flexibility

The internet can sometimes be unstable. Hence, have a backup plan just in case. Everything is online but downloadable. Keep copies of lectures or references (especially the important ones) so you can access them offline. Also, keep in touch with your lecturers in case your class, study or assignments get interrupted so that they could lend a hand. This makes it easier to adjust.

  1. Time management

Physical classes have an advantage of ensuring that you are present in class as attendance does make up a percentage of your end semester results. However, with this ‘new norm’ of logging in to classes, it also allows you to be independent and take charge of your studies with guidance from the lecturer. This not only increases your higher-order thinking, but it also increases your self-efficacy. Take note of important deadlines, assignments, quizzes and exams since you now have more control of your time. At this point, you can add in a time management app along with that calendar app.

  1. Patience

Chances are, courses aren’t going to be that engaging since all these are new to your educators as well but they are in the process of adjusting to make it interesting and soon, you will realise how liberating online classes can be. Remember that they are doing their best. Be patient with yourself too. Remote learning isn’t made for everyone. Keep trying new things and new ways of doing things to find out what is best for you.


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