Optometry students make a difference in the community

SEGi University’s Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences has again showcased its dedication to community service by participating in a medical camp arranged by the Rotary Club of Sentul. The event, held on 7 May 2023, was a health screening initiative designed to offer free eye examinations to the local community. 

A group of 18 final-year optometry students and 2 lecturers from the university participated in the event, contributing their expertise and services to the community. The team assessed a total of 140 patients, identifying those who needed further investigation or medical treatment.Out of the patients examined, 27 received free glasses prescriptions, while 28 were identified as requiring further assessment at SEGi EyeCare. Moreover, 10 patients were referred for medical treatment, emphasising the significance of early detection and treatment for eye-related conditions. 

This initiative forms part of SEGi’s ongoing commitment to supporting the community and raising awareness about eye health. The university’s Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences is devoted to delivering high-quality education and training to its students while engaging with the community through various outreach programmes. 

SEGi’s commitment to community service and eye health is evident in its mission to produce skilled and compassionate optometrists who meet the community’s needs. The success of this medical camp is a testament to the university’s dedication to this mission and its continued efforts to impact the community positively. 

The medical camp, organised by the Rotary Club of Sentul and supported by SEGi’s Faculty of Optometry & Vision Sciences, was a tremendous success, providing essential eye care services to the local community. The university eagerly anticipates continuing its efforts to promote eye health awareness and serve the community through similar initiatives in the future. 

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