SEGi University and Alpro Pharmacy join forces for a brighter future

SEGi University and Alpro Pharmacy, Malaysia’s largest prescription pharmacy chain, has taken a momentous step towards advancing the field of pharmacy education. The respected Vice Chancellor of SEGi University, Prof. Dr. Azrin Ariffin, and Alpro Pharmacy’s People Management Manager, Chong Pay Yi, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). This partnership represents an important turning point for the SEGi University Faculty of Pharmacy and promises to provide a wide range of advantages for both staff and students. 

With this innovative collaboration, the Faculty of Pharmacy is ready to transform educational processes and improve the field. For ambitious chemists, the partnership with Alpro Pharmacy, known for its knowledge and wide network, offers new opportunities and interesting experiences. 

Chong Pay Yi gave a motivational speech at the MOU signing ceremony encouraging gifted kids to apply for the upcoming Alpro Prestige Scholarship. This scholarship programme is a component of Alpro Pharmacy’s CSR initiatives, intended to support the aspirations and skills of the upcoming generation of community pharmacists. 

Ryan Ho, a prominent graduate of SEGi University, attended the event and added a sense of pride and motivation. Ho willingly imparted his essential knowledge as a community pharmacist to his subordinates studying for their pharmacy degrees at SEGi University. Ho is currently the Pharmacy Manager and is responsible for managing the operations of 11 Alpro Pharmacy locations. His attendance gave the event a more intimate feel and strengthened the close relationship between the institution and business professionals. 

This partnership between Alpro Pharmaceutical and SEGi University demonstrates a dedication to quality and the search for knowledge in the pharmaceutical industry. The MOU signing event has laid the groundwork for an exciting future where students can flourish under the guidance of seasoned professionals and obtain practical knowledge. 

The Faculty of Pharmacy at SEGi University looks forward to the revolutionary impact the relationship will have on students as it takes hold, providing them with the tools, information, and hands-on experience necessary to succeed in their pharmacy careers. Alpro Pharmacy and SEGi University are working together to create a more promising future for the pharmacy industry. 

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