Pride of SEGi: Prof Ramli Abdullah Receives LAM Architectural Education Award

In a momentous celebration of architectural excellence, Professor Dr Ramli bin Abdullah, a distinguished lecturer in the Architecture Department of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology (FoEBEIT) at SEGi University, was honoured with the prestigious Architectural Education Award 2023 at the Lembaga Arkitek Malaysia (LAM) Award Ceremony. The grand event took place on 4 October 2023 at the Four Seasons Hotel in Kuala Lumpur, marking LAM’s 50 years of commitment to architectural advancement.

The Architectural Education Award is a coveted recognition aimed at honouring individuals who have contributed significantly to architectural and interior design education in Malaysia. Professor Ramli Abdullah’s outstanding achievements and unwavering dedication to the field have earned him this esteemed accolade.

The selection criteria for this award focused on acknowledging academicians who demonstrated credibility, leadership, integrity, loyalty, dedication, and humility in the realm of architectural and interior design education. Additionally, the awardees were expected to have contributed actively to developing and advancing architectural and interior design programs while engaging in educational activities with LAM, architectural institutions, and the broader community.

Source: Corporate Communication Unit, Ministry of Works (KKR)

Professor Ramli Abdullah, a luminary in the Architecture Department at SEGi University, stood out for his exceptional contributions. His commitment to elevating the quality and standards of architectural education in Malaysia played a pivotal role in securing this prestigious award. Prof Ramli’s positive influence on his students, coupled with his active involvement in the development of educational programs, exemplifies his impact on the advancement of architectural education in the country.

His success is not just a personal triumph but a moment of pride for SEGi University and the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology. The LAM Academic Award 2023 recognises not only Professor Ramli’s excellence but also reflects positively on the university’s commitment to providing top-notch education in architecture. This achievement reinforces SEGi’s position as a leading institution dedicated to nurturing excellence in architectural education.

Professor Ramli Abdullah’s significant contributions have left an indelible mark on the landscape of architectural education in Malaysia. As SEGi University strives for excellence in academic endeavours, this recognition further underscores the university’s commitment to fostering a learning environment that meets the highest standards in architectural education.


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