SEGi’s Green Revolution: Transforming Communities through Plant Adoption 

SEGi University’s Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology (FoEBEIT) launched its plant adoption programme, designed to promote environmental sustainability, increase the urban forest canopy, and engage community members in the protection and improvement of their local environment. This exciting initiative allows individuals or groups to adopt and care for a plant in a designated public space or on their own property. 

Under the plant adoption programme, participants are encouraged to bring their own simple little plant of any kind and take responsibility for watering, pruning, and otherwise caring for the tree over its lifetime. The programme also encourages participants to exchange their plants among friends, lecturers, administration staff, or anyone else on campus. Moreover, participants have the opportunity to give away their plants to friends or anyone they feel can provide proper care or open them up for free adoption. 

The benefits of this innovative programme are far-reaching. With improved air quality being a pressing concern, the plant adoption programme serves as a proactive measure to combat pollution. By increasing the urban forest canopy, it helps to reduce the urban heat island effects that contribute to rising temperatures in cities. Additionally, the programme promotes biodiversity, creating a healthier and more balanced ecosystem. The aesthetic value of the local community is also enhanced, as more green spaces are created through this initiative. 

At the same time, the plant adoption programme plays a crucial role in fostering community engagement and environmental awareness. It provides individuals and groups with direct opportunities to take action and make a tangible impact on their local environment. By participating in this programme, students and staff at SEGi University can actively contribute to the improvement of their surroundings, creating a sense of ownership and pride in their community. 

SEGi University’s plant adoption programme is a commendable initiative that champions sustainability, enhances community well-being, and improves the urban environment. By encouraging individuals and groups to adopt and care for plants, SEGi is paving the way for a greener and healthier future. 

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