Say Goodbye To Classrooms With APEL.Q

Education is a lifelong learning process, as reflected in working life where people are always in a state of improving. Either that or they lose out to their peers or are left in the cold where employment opportunities are considered.

But getting a qualification is not easy when you are juggling work and family at the same time. Part-time study is not ideal either since it can lengthen the course of a programme substantially.

People familiar with APEL.C offered by SEGi University & Colleges already know the benefits it provides by cutting down the course duration through the recognition of prior experiential learning.

But through APEL.Q, these benefits are about to be multiplied. Those who fulfil the requirements of APEL.Q are awarded their qualification without the need to undertake the course in the first place.

APEL.Q recognises that the learning outcomes associated with higher education can also be acquired from non-formal and in-formal ways in addition to the formal learning pathway.

Hence it fits well with aspirations of learner autonomy and the high-level cognitive skills of analysis, synthesis and evaluation that are typically associated with working adult learners.

Its benefits ensure greater equality of access, recognition, opportunity and practise in career progression. The APEL.Q processes and procedures are reliable, valid, transparent and consistent to safeguard the credibility and integrity of the entire assessment system.

Those interested to apply for APEL.Q will need to have at least 10 years to qualify for a diploma and 15 for a bachelor’s degree.

They are further required to provide a portfolio containing a compilation of evidence documenting the prior experiential learning acquired over time.

Also, the applicant is subjected to a challenge test which can be in the form of an oral examination, written test, product or performance assessment.

Altogether, the assessments are many times easier compared to a learner going through the traditional approach which takes years to complete.

Therefore, APEL.Q is the golden opportunity for adult learners to quickly catch up, or to lead their peers in the corporate sphere.



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