SEGi’s Dr. Ong Joins Editorial Board of Prestigious US Journal

Dr. Ong Chuan Huat, Senior Lecturer (Marketing) at SEGi University’s Graduate School of Business, has been appointed as the only Malaysian representative from a private university on the Editorial Board of the esteemed Journal of Relationship Marketing for the 2024-2025 term.

This appointment by the Founding Editor and Editor-in-chief, Professor David Bejou, marks a significant recognition of Dr. Ong’s expertise in the field and highlights SEGi’s position on the international stage.

The Journal of Relationship Marketing, belonging to the renowned Taylor and Francis publishing group, stands as one of only three journals worldwide with a vast portfolio of over 2000 journals.

Established since 1995, the journal is indexed in Scopus and maintains an exclusive 5% acceptance rate, a testament to its rigorous standards that align seamlessly with SEGi University’s commitment to excellence.

Dr. Ong’s appointment further solidifies SEGi’s standing as a hub of academic excellence and innovation. Being one of only two Malaysians selected for this prestigious editorial board – the other from a public university – underscores SEGi’s dedication to fostering top-tier talent and contributing to cutting-edge research in the field of Marketing.

This milestone not only underscores Dr. Ong’s remarkable achievement but also serves as a key competitive advantage for SEGi University on the global academic platform. Such recognition not only enhances the university’s reputation but also positions it as a magnet for both local and international students seeking a world-class education in Marketing.

SEGi University takes great pride in Dr. Ong Chuan Huat’s appointment to the Editorial Board of the Journal of Relationship Marketing, showcasing our unwavering commitment to academic excellence and our relentless pursuit of innovation in education.

This achievement reinforces SEGi’s position as a premier institution dedicated to nurturing top talent and making a significant impact in the field of Marketing on an international scale.

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