SEGi Lecturers Link Corporate Governance and SDGs

In a ground breaking achievement, Professor Dr. Geetha Subramaniam from the Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology and Music  at SEGi University Kota Damansara has added a significant milestone to her academic portfolio. Her extensive research, funded by a government grant from the Accountant  General’s Department of Malaysia, culminated in a comprehensive monograph  titled “Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development Practices between Public Sector Companies in Malaysia and Developed Countries – A Comparative Analysis.”

Professor Dr. Geetha Subramaniam collaborated with esteemed colleagues, Dr. Gooi Leong Mow, and Dr. Chong Kim Mee from the Graduate School of Business at SEGi University Kota Damansara, along with Professor Dr. Zamri Ahmad from Universiti Sains Malaysia. This collaborative effort marked a historic moment as it became the first instance where such a prestigious research grant was awarded to a private university.

The research grant, spanning from March 2022 to August 2022, had a two-prong focus. Firstly, it determined the impact of Corporate Governance (CG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) on the overall impact and performance of public sector companies in Malaysia in comparison with the developed nations. Secondly, it examined the social impact of CG and SDG in terms of awareness, knowledge and importance of achieving SDG. Government linked companies (GLCs) were the target public sector companies while for social impact, the general public from all ages and educational achievement were questioned.

The study delved into the financial reports of GLCs, aiming to assess the extent to which Corporate Governance practices and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) influenced the financial performance and overall performance of the GLCs . The team meticulously analysed various aspects, seeking to understand how GLCs integrate SDGs into their projects and activities.

One intriguing revelation from the research was the public ranking in terms of importance   on SDG 4, Quality Education, which stood at the 6th position, following SDGs 2, 1, and 3, which were found to be more crucial and important to society’s well-being.  Panel data regression analysis showed that SDG 4,5,8,10,11,13,16 and 17 have a significant impact on company performance. These finding shed light on the priorities and strategies adopted by GLCs and society in Malaysia concerning sustainable development, providing valuable insights for future policymaking and corporate strategies.

The impactful research led to the publication of one monograph and two journal articles in the “The IPN Journal of Research and Practice in Public Sector in Accounting and Management “- Volume 12 No 2, 2022 and Volume 13 No 1, 2023. These journals serve as a testament to the scholarly excellence and the significance of the study, contributing to the academic discourse on public sector accounting and management.

Professor Dr. Geetha Subramaniam and her esteemed team’s pioneering research not only addresses the critical nexus between Corporate Governance and Sustainable Development  Goals in Malaysia but also s

ets a precedent for private universities in securing and executing government grants. The findings are invaluable, offering a comprehensive understanding of the landscape and practices within GLCs, and contributing to the ongoing global dialogue on sustainable development. This collaborative effort exemplifies the commitment of academia towards fostering positive change and informed decision-making in both public and private sectors.


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