SEGi Partners with SONY for State-of-the-Art Studios

SEGi University’s School of Communication and Creative Design (SOCCD) is embarking on an innovative journey to enhance its broadcast, sound, and photography studios through a groundbreaking collaboration with SONY. The objectives of this partnership extend beyond improving facilities; they aim to transform the teaching and learning experience for both students and staff.

Several key initiatives are underway:

  1. Studio Renovations: SEGi Tower’s 13th floor is undergoing a significant facelift. The photography studio has been relocated to a more expansive venue, while a new radio/sound studio has been added to provide students with a dedicated space for recording and broadcasting creative works. Renovations of the broadcast studio are also in progress to provide students ample room for ambitious projects.
  2. Access to SONY Workshops: The collaboration with SONY goes beyond equipment provision. SEGi’s 13th floor will be recognized as SONY’s Experience Zone, allowing students and staff access to future workshops and activities, enriching their skills and knowledge in media production.
  3. Cutting-Edge Equipment: SONY has contributed various industry-grade cameras and peripherals, empowering students to engage in high-quality production. These tools not only elevate the profile of SEGi’s facilities but also provide students with hands-on experience using top-tier equipment.
  4. Branding and Aesthetics: As part of the collaboration, vibrant SONY branding stickers have been strategically installed in the studios, adding a touch of modern aesthetics while increasing brand awareness among students, staff, and visitors.

In summary, the collaboration between SONY and SEGi is set to redefine creative spaces, positioning the university as a hub for cutting-edge media production. This initiative not only addresses the immediate need for improved facilities but also opens avenues for future collaborations, including workshops, branding events, and media partnerships that will enhance the overall learning experience at SEGi. The unveiling of these enhanced studios is scheduled for October 22, 2023, on SEGi Tower’s 13th floor.

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