SEGi to introduce state-of-the-art automated guided vehicle lab

Something cool is coming to SEGi soon! We will be introducing a sophisticated Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Lab, especially for the engineering students.

What is it? Well, an AGV is a programmable mobile machine that functions like a vehicle that moves materials from one place to another in a storage or manufacturing facility.

Think along the lines of those huge warehouses owned by e-commerce sites like Lazada in Malaysia and Taobao in China. Some of these facilities operate 24 hours and it only makes sense to automate certain processes like inventory handling, storing and packaging.

At such facilities, an AGV performs the transportation task of materials through a guided path that’s programmed at a stationery control system. The control system essentially manages the speed of this vehicle, the movement traffic and the point to point delivery system within the warehouse.

In addition to faster and more efficient handling of materials, the AGV system also enhances the safety of materials and workers, has low noise transmission and is much friendlier to the environment.

It also saves cost and benefits the business in the long term as automation also means the reduction of manual labour and upskilling of workers. When manufacturing processes are automated, productivity also increases resulting in higher efficiency and profit.

In a nutshell, this is a good representation of Industrial Revolution 4.0 (IR4.0) which is aimed at increasing the efficiency of businesses and professionals in line with the global trends and today’s global trends mostly revolve around automation, big data, the Internet of Things and smart facilities that combine several IR4.0 elements.

With the introduction of this AGV Lab, engineering students will be able to get a glimpse into an automated lab facility so that they can get attuned to some of the technologies that are employed by today’s businesses so that they’re industry-ready by the time they graduate.

Apart from exposing students to current industry practices, the lab is also expected to enhance their learning outcome and provide them with an immersive learning experience which equips them with a competitive advantage.

Although construction works are temporarily halted due to Covid-19, we are eager to see the AGV lab through its completion as soon as possible. Do watch this space for updates soon.

SEGi University’s Engineering and The Built Environment Faculty offers dual degrees in mechanical, civil, chemical and electrical and electronics engineering in collaboration with the University of Central Lancashire, UK (UCLAN) as well as home-grown bachelor’s degree programme in Quantity Surveying, Architecture and Interior Architecture. There are also postgraduate programmes such as MSc and PhD in Engineering.

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