SEGi University Students Begin an Enriching Expedition in Student Mobility Programme with Pingdingshan Polytechnic College

On the 20August 2023, SEGi University achieved a remarkable milestone in global education by initiating a student mobility programme with Pingdingshan Polytechnic College. This transformative venture saw a delegation of 20 SEGi students embarking on a journey that promises to broaden their horizons and immerse them in a new and enriching academic environment.

The mobility programme commenced with a warm and inviting ceremony hosted by Pingdingshan Polytechnic College. Distinguished figures, including Zhang Li Fang, Deputy Principal of Pingdingshan Polytechnic College, and Tan Yong Chai, SEGi’s Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment, and IT, graced the event. Their inspirational speeches set the stage for an exciting and transformative experience. This ceremony not only connected the exchange students with their counterparts at Pingdingshan Polytechnic College but also facilitated cultural exchange. The warm reception emphasised the spirit of collaboration and friendship, laying a solid foundation for a meaningful and fruitful exchange experience.

Deputy Principal Zhang Li Fang shared insights into the rich academic and cultural tapestry of Pingdingshan Polytechnic College, expressing enthusiasm for the collaboration. He encouraged the students to make the most of this cross-cultural experience for academic and personal development.

Dean Tan Yong Chai echoed these sentiments, emphasising the importance of embracing diversity and learning from different perspectives. He urged the students to fully immerse themselves in the mobility programme, seize every learning opportunity, and build lasting connections with their peers at Pingdingshan Polytechnic College.

As these students embark on this transformative journey, they carry the aspirations of both institutions for a successful and enriching exchange experience. The programme aims to expose them to diverse teaching methodologies, cultural nuances, and global perspectives, contributing to their overall growth.

SEGi University’s commitment to providing students with a global education experience is evident in initiatives like the student exchange program with Pingdingshan Polytechnic College. This collaboration showcases the university’s dedication to nurturing well-rounded individuals capable of thriving in an interconnected world.

The student mobility programme stands as a significant milestone for SEGi University and Pingdingshan Polytechnic College. This collaboration fosters collaboration, friendship, and the exchange of knowledge. As these 20 students embark on this exciting adventure, they carry the hopes and expectations of both institutions, paving the way for a future of global understanding and cooperation.

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