SEGi X China Mobile: A vision of global impact

A significant step towards international academic collaboration was taken as SEGi University hosted a momentous meeting with China Mobile International on 27th June 2023. The collaboration, aimed at enhancing research, internships, and teaching initiatives, holds immense promise for both institutions. 

James Lee, Sales Director at China Mobile International, led the delegation in a visit to SEGi University’s premises. The meeting was attended by representatives from SEGi’s distinguished Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & IT, and the Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology & Music. At the same time, SEGi’s Confucius Institute also played a pivotal role in the discussions. 

The core focus of the meeting was to explore potential areas of cooperation between the two entities. With SEGi’s commitment to academic excellence and China Mobile International’s global prominence, the collaboration has the potential to yield impactful results in various fields. 

This initiative aligns with SEGi’s mission to provide students with diverse and enriching opportunities. The partnership aims to foster research breakthroughs, offer valuable internship experiences, and enhance the teaching methodologies employed at the university. 

Both parties bring substantial expertise to the table. China Mobile International’s industry insights and SEGi’s academic prowess create a perfect synergy for innovation and knowledge exchange. 

As SEGi continues to pioneer a forward-looking education approach, this collaboration reflects its dedication to global connectivity and excellence. The partnership’s potential for cross-cultural learning experiences is a testament to SEGi’s vision of shaping well-rounded, globally competent individuals. 


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