SEGi University’s Expert Highlights Crucial Eye Health Insights at Focus Point 360 APEC Roadshow 

SEGi University’s Faculty of Optometry and Vision Sciences lecturer, Fakhruddin Shamsheer Barodawala, took centre stage at the Focus Point 360 Advance Primary Eye Care (APEC) Roadshow held at Sunway Pyramid, LG2, Orange Concourse. 

Barodawala, an authority in the field, shed light on the crucial role of a slit lamp examination in eye health and its direct relevance to the suitability of contact lens wear. The public talk aimed to educate attendees about the comprehensive insights a slit lamp examination provides, extending beyond contact lens suitability to detect various eye conditions such as dry eye and glaucoma. 

The event, hosted by Focus Point, emphasised the importance of this specialised eye examination and its impact on overall eye health. Attendees had the opportunity to deepen their understanding of eye care through Fakhruddin Barodawala’s informative session. 

Focus Point has made the recorded session available for the public if you missed the live talk. The recorded public eye health talk on the ‘Importance of Slit Lamp Examination in Contact Lens Wearers’ is a valuable resource for those seeking detailed information on this critical aspect of eye care. Fakhruddin Shamsheer Barodawala’s insights, drawn from his expertise at SEGi University, offer a comprehensive guide for individuals curious about the intricacies of maintaining eye health, particularly in contact lens use. 

Focus Point invites you to experience their 360° APEC eye screening to enhance your understanding further. Registered Optometrists will guide you through the eight essential steps involved in this process. Booking an appointment at any of Focus Point’s 360° APEC outlets allows you to benefit from expert guidance and personalised eye care. 


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