SEGi’s Chemical Engineering Soars with Renewed Energy from External Evaluation

SEGi University recently had the honour of hosting a renowned external advisor, Prof. Thomas Choong Shean Yaw from Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM), to evaluate and provide insights into their Bachelor of Chemical Engineering programme with Honours. The visit, which took place on 17 August 2023, marked a significant milestone in the university’s ongoing efforts to ensure the excellence and relevance of its academic offerings.

Prof. Thomas Choong, a seasoned expert in the field of chemical engineering, brought a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. With a distinguished career in both academia and industry, Prof. Choong’s visit was anticipated to be a valuable opportunity for SEGi University’s faculty and leadership to gain new perspectives and recommendations for further program enhancement.

The objectives of Prof. Choong’s visit were multi-faceted. Firstly, he conducted a comprehensive review of the curriculum of the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering programme. His assessment included an evaluation of the courses offered, the sequence in which they were taught, and the alignment of the curriculum with current industry trends and technological advancements. Prof. Choong’s insights were expected to guide the university in refining the curriculum to meet the evolving needs of the chemical engineering industry. Additionally, Prof. Choong’s engagement with the faculty allowed for meaningful discussions on teaching methodologies, research opportunities, and collaboration prospects between SEGi University and UPM. The sharing of best practices and experiences between these two institutions promised to enrich the academic environment at SEGi and foster collaborative research initiatives.

One of the highlights of Prof. Choong’s visit was the roundtable discussion involving key stakeholders, including faculty members, department heads, and students during his visit. This session provided a platform for a candid exchange of ideas, where Prof. Choong shared his observations and recommendations for further elevating the quality and reputation of the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering programme. The input gathered from this discussion was expected to lay the groundwork for future strategic decisions and improvements.

Prof. Thomas Choong’s visit to SEGi University’s Bachelor of Chemical Engineering programme was a significant event that aimed to enhance the programme’s quality and relevance. His expertise, insights, and recommendations are set to contribute positively to the university’s ongoing commitment to academic excellence. The collaborative spirit demonstrated through this visit underscores the importance of knowledge-sharing and networking among academic institutions, ultimately benefitting students, faculty, and the field of chemical engineering as a whole.


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