SEGi University’s Proactive SDG Stance In Nurturing Peaceful Societies

Promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions, SEGi University takes a proactive stance in addressing persistent challenges. Despite global efforts, issues of child and women abuse persist, particularly affecting vulnerable groups such as orphans and those with special needs. In schools, workplaces, and communities, the disadvantages women and children face underscore the urgency for targeted initiatives.

In a commendable move, the Official Foundation Friends Club (OFFC) and the Students Experience Office (SEO) at SEGi University collaborated to organise a fundraising event with a dual purpose: supporting the OFFC club and contributing to impactful organisations – Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) and OrphanCare Foundation (OF). The fundraising event featured various items, including homemade cookies, popcorn, and lanyards.

Highlighting the commitment of SEGi’s community, the cookies were crafted by OFFC members in the School of Hospitality and Hospitality Management’s kitchen. This hands-on involvement not only showcased the students’ skills but also amplified the impact of their efforts. The successful event resulted in a substantial contribution of approximately RM130 for WAO and OF, underlining SEGi’s dedication to fostering peace, justice, and strong institutions.

This initiative resonates with SDG 16’s core principles, as SEGi University actively creates a more just and inclusive society through education and tangible support for organisations addressing abuse and inequality. The university’s commitment to building effective and inclusive institutions at all levels is reflected in the practical outcomes of this fundraising event, showcasing SEGi as an institution that not only changes talks but actively contributes to it.

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