Championing SDG 17 with MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert Attendance

In a resounding commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17 – Partnership for Goals, SEGi University continues to pave the way for transformative collaborations that transcend borders and foster global harmony. A shining example of this dedication was witnessed when students from the Faculty of Education, Languages, Psychology & Music attended the MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert on 25 October 2023 at the Petaling Jaya Performing Arts Centre (PJPAC).

This event, supported by Japan Airlines and the Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, marked a significant milestone in honouring the 50th ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation anniversary. Organised by the Japan Foundation (JF), the concert served as a poignant celebration of enduring partnerships, symbolising a collective commitment to regional harmony and prosperity.

For SEGi University, embracing SDG 17 aligns seamlessly with its vision of producing socially responsible graduates who are not only academically proficient but also globally aware and socially conscious. Through fostering partnerships, SEGi aims to contribute to the greater good by actively participating in initiatives that promote sustainability, innovation, and cross-cultural understanding.

MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert: A Melodic Celebration of Collaboration

The attendance of SEGi students at the MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert exemplifies the university’s commitment to SDG 17. The enchanting blend of traditional Japanese folk music, minyo, combined with the mesmerising sounds of Malaysia showcased the power of cultural collaboration in fostering mutual understanding.

The MIKAGE PROJECT, renowned for its musical prowess, shared the stage with Malaysia’s traditional music sensation, Asmidar. This unique fusion of musical traditions not only celebrated the enduring friendship between Japan and ASEAN but also served as a testament to the ability of art and culture to bridge gaps and promote unity.

SEGi’s Ongoing Commitment: Beyond the Concert Hall

SEGi University’s involvement in the MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert is a broader commitment to SDG 17. The university actively seeks partnerships that go beyond academic collaborations, aiming to create a network that addresses societal challenges and promotes sustainable development.

By instilling a sense of global citizenship in its students and encouraging participation in events like the MIKAGE Project Asean Tour Concert, SEGi is nurturing future leaders who understand the significance of collaboration in building a sustainable and harmonious world.

As SEGi continues to champion the cause of sustainable partnerships, its students are not merely spectators but active contributors to a future where global goals are achieved through collective effort and shared commitment.






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