SEGi’s Excellence in Healthcare and SDG3 Impact

SEGi University’s Faculty of Medicine, Nursing & Health Sciences illuminated with enthusiasm and pride as it celebrated International Nursing Day. Initially slated for 12 May, the event was rescheduled due to the institution’s remarkable nominations at the Anak Sarawak Award Ceremony.  

SEGi University not only secured top positions in two prestigious categories – the Convention of Excellence Award and the Outstanding Achievement Award but also emerged as the top 3 nominees for the Convention of Excellence Award category for organising BRTMA-Malaysia International Congress on Tropical Medicine in 2019. 

In a dual celebration, SEGi University paid tribute to the invaluable contribution of nurses in the medical field while celebrating the triumph of their Dean. The event brought together a diverse gathering of 15 students, 15 nurses, representatives from retired nurses, Hospital Sibu, Public Health nurses, three distinguished guests and 20 lecturers. 

The programme with Matron Margareth Wong, the Organising Chairperson, delivering a warm welcome address. While expressing gratitude to nurses for their invaluable contributions to the medical fraternity, Wong set the stage for an event that would acknowledge the selfless dedication of nurses. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Raili Suhaili, the esteemed Dean, gave a poignant speech, emphasising nurses’ pivotal role in patient care and their indispensable contributions to healthcare. The celebration aligns seamlessly with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 3 – Good Health and Well-being, emphasising the importance of recognising and supporting healthcare professionals for a healthier and more sustainable future. 

To pay homage to the nursing profession, Javeria Ijaz, Vice President of SEGi University Medical Students Society, recited a beautiful poem titled “Our Nurses Our Future.” The poem, written by Prof. Raili, depicted the dedication and compassion of nurses towards their patients. A heartfelt appreciation video by SEGi medical students followed, expressing deep gratitude and respect for the nurses’ hard work and dedication. 

A musical touch was added to the celebration with a special song titled “You Are Our Nurses,” performed by Brandon James Ling and accompanied by Orrin Raja. This soulful song praised the selflessness and commitment of nurses in providing care to those in need. Ms. Irdina’s rendition of the edited version of the song “Halo” symbolised the angelic presence of nurses in the lives of patients and their families. 

Expressing their appreciation, students presented flowers to the nurses, acknowledging their tireless efforts in healthcare. The ceremony concluded with a cake-cutting ceremony, symbolising unity and gratitude, led by all the nurses in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamad Raili Bin Suhaili. A group photo captured the event’s spirit, showcasing a collective appreciation for the nursing profession. 

The celebration extended beyond mere festivities, reinforcing SEGi University’s commitment to SDG 3 initiatives. A wound dressing session by nurses offered hands-on experience and valuable insights into wound care management, significantly promoting good health and well-being. SEGi University’s International Nursing Day celebration showcased nurses’ vital role and immense contributions to the healthcare sector, embodying the global mission for Good Health and Well-being. 

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