SEGians Shine at Maybank’s GenM Global Summit 2023 Finale

The grand finale of Maybank’s GenM Global Summit 2023 marked a triumphant moment for 15 SEGi ambassadors and students who were selected to participate in this prestigious event held at Menara Maybank. The summit provided an exclusive platform for these students to engage in specially curated Episodes featuring globally renowned speakers and connect with youths from around the world.

The summit unfolded across three distinct venues: the Main Stage, Balai Seni, and Terance. At 2 pm, the event kicked off with a keynote speech by Maybank’s Group President & Chief Executive Officer (GPCEO), setting the stage for an exclusive session with the special guest, Michael Owen. The former professional football player shared insights on ‘My Life, My Time.’ Following this, an immersive adventure session with Robert Lilwall, a global adventurer with two National Geographic TV shows, took center stage. The session revolved around redefining challenges and building resilience.

This extraordinary event, held on October 17, 2023, from 12 pm to 4 pm, showcased the synergy between Maybank and SEGi, offering a unique and enriching experience for the participating ambassadors and students.

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