SEGi’s E3 collab futsal tournament unites sports enthusiasts

The Surian Sport Complex came alive on 15 July 2023 for the much-anticipated E3 Collab Futsal Tournament organised by the Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology (FoEBEIT). Led by Chin Sebastian, Mario Quissico Junior, Evans Kalokola, Angie Aimable, Su Yiqing, Paulo Vicente M D R Freitas, and Yang Weimin from Mechanical Engineering (BME), Chemical Engineering (BCE), and Electrical and Electronics Engineering (BEE) programmes, this event emerged under the banner of the MPU subject, Pengurusan Ko-Kurikulum MPU3442. 

With unwavering dedication, these students orchestrated a spectacle that drew the participation of 33 eager players, showcasing their football prowess across four fervently competing teams. Guided by the watchful eyes of Dr Amirah and Dr Fadzilah, this tournament breathed life into the spirit of friendly competition and sportsmanship, fostering an environment where physical fitness and friendship flourished. 

Amid the exhilarating match-ups that unfolded from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm, the atmosphere was enthusiastic. The event’s purpose went beyond mere victory; it aimed to provide sports enthusiasts, particularly those with enthusiasm for futsal, a platform to showcase their talents and sportsmanship. The tournament celebrated athleticism and nurtured a sense of unity and community among participants. 

From the spirited event setup to the resounding applause during the closing ceremony, the E3 Collab Futsal Tournament flowed seamlessly, encapsulating the essence of teamwork, discipline, and healthy competition. In the heart of it all, Fathi’s team emerged victors, seizing the tournament title with an outstanding performance. 

As the cheers echoed through the Surian Sport Complex, it was evident that the event had achieved its objective of providing a platform for SEGi’s sport enthusiasts to thrive. The E3 Collab Futsal Tournament was a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing holistic growth and fostering an environment where students can showcase their talents and embrace the ethos of unity and sportsmanship. 

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