SEGi’s eco-engineering hike: A sustainable trail clean-up

SEGi University’s Eco-Engineering Hike Squad orchestrated a Hiking Trail Clean Up at the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve. This remarkable initiative, spearheaded by 7 dedicated students from the Bachelor of Chemical Engineering (BCHEM) and Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (BME) programmes, emerged as a beacon of sustainability and community engagement. 

Under the auspices of the Pengurusan Ko-Kurikulum course, this event resonated with SEGi’s commitment to holistic education. Driven by a vision to instil environmental responsibility, the event was meticulously organised under the guidance of Dr Fadzilah and Dr Amirah. 

The clean-up event embraced a holistic approach, with volunteers like Ham Kit Ying and Khairul Adlan and esteemed lecturers Dr Amirah and Dr Aida joining forces. The main objective was to enhance the pristine allure of the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve by eliminating litter and waste along the hiking trail leading to the majestic Denai 3 Puteri peak. 

The event achieved more than just a cleaner trail; it catalysed awareness about the significance of preserving natural resources and safeguarding wildlife habitats. Beyond this, the initiative ignited a sense of community engagement, fostering a commitment to maintaining a sustainable environment for generations to come. 

From sunrise to midday, participants embraced their roles wholeheartedly. Armed with gloves, plastic bags, and a first aid kit, they embarked on a 3-hour journey encompassing briefing, stretching, hiking, and waste disposal. The meticulous preparation and collective effort underscored the success of the event. 

SEGi University’s Eco-Engineering Hike Squad’s clean-up initiative reverberates as a testament to the power of proactive environmental action. As SEGi continues to nurture responsible citizens and global change-makers, events like these underscore its commitment to shaping a brighter, greener future. 

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