SEGi’s Hao Yanan triumphs in engineering PhD Viva

SEGi University is proud to announce the successful completion of the PhD Viva Voce by Hao Yanan, a doctoral candidate in the Doctor of Philosophy (Engineering) by Research program. Hao Yanan’s viva, which took place on 25 September 2023, was a significant milestone in her academic journey. 

Under the guidance of her esteemed supervisors, Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Yong Chai and Ir. Su Vin Cent @ Tai Vin Cent, Yanan embarked on a groundbreaking research project titled “Calibration Optimisation for Binocular Vision Systems in Object Detection and Ranging Enhancement.” 

Yanan’s research aimed to enhance the functionality and accuracy of binocular vision systems in object detection and ranging. By optimising the calibration process, he aimed to overcome system accuracy and precision challenges. This research holds immense potential for applications in various industries, including autonomous vehicles, robotics, and surveillance systems. 

Yanan exhibited exceptional dedication and expertise throughout her study, resulting in an impressive outcome. The viva panel, composed of esteemed experts in the field, assessed her work meticulously and unanimously declared her viva as PASSED. 

Her achievement is a testament to SEGi University’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talent and promoting groundbreaking research. Her success contributes significantly to the university’s growing reputation as a centre of excellence in engineering and technology. 

SEGi University takes pride in its faculty members and their dedication to mentoring and guiding students towards academic success. The guidance provided by Ir. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tan Yong Chai and Ir. Su Vin Cent @ Tai Vin Cent played a pivotal role in shaping Yanan’s research journey, ultimately leading to this remarkable milestone. 

This achievement further reinforces SEGi University’s position as a leading institution for doctoral research in engineering. Students aspiring to pursue a PhD in engineering can be assured of the university’s commitment to providing a conducive environment for research excellence. 

Congratulations to Hao Yanan on her successful viva voce, and best wishes for her continued success in her future endeavours! 

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