Unveiling Artistic Mastery: Lessons from the BMW Shorties Maestros

SEGi University’s School of Communication and Creative Design (SoCCD) recently had the honour of hosting Syalikh Nazrul and Syahmi Norsan as part of the Miffest Campus Roadshow 2023 in collaboration with BMW Shorties, igniting a surge of creative enlightenment.

SoCCD stands as a lively nucleus committed to nurturing the creative potential within its students. With an unwavering commitment to guiding students in unearthing and refining their talents within the dynamic communication and creative industry, the School remains steadfast in its mission to mould aspiring individuals into potential virtuosos.

A noteworthy platform for students to stretch their creative boundaries is the BMW Shorties, a pioneering endeavour that offers aspiring filmmakers invaluable opportunities. In a recent enlightening session, students delved into the latest innovations within the filmmaking industry, equipping them with essential insights and skills crucial for their professional journey.

The theme for the 2023 BMW Shorties project, “EVOLVE”, acts as an inspiring summons for students to craft compelling narratives from their fresh ideas. This theme not only challenges their creative acumen but also serves as a catalyst for personal and artistic growth. Through a remarkable collaboration with the Malaysian International Film Festival, the project extends its reach beyond SEGi’s local students, inviting international participants to contribute to the creative tapestry.

The significance of the BMW Shorties within SoCCD is paramount. It acts as a guiding light, motivating students to conceptualise and execute innovative film ideas. Beyond individual development, the project enriches the vibrant landscape of Malaysian cinema by infusing new perspectives and narratives into the industry.


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