SEGi’s Positive Psychology Workshop Leaves a Lasting Impact at SMK Batu Lintang

In a dedicated pursuit of empowerment and inspiration, the Faculty of Education and Social Sciences at SEGi University orchestrated a transformative Positive Psychology Workshop at SMK Batu Lintang on October 18, 2023. The primary objective was to equip young individuals with the tools to understand and fortify their resilience. This specialized workshop, tailored for students enrolled in the Diploma in Psychology program at SEGi University, served as an invaluable platform. Participants actively engaged in discussions and activities crafted to delve into and enhance their capacity to bounce back from life’s challenges.

Key insights derived from the workshop data unveiled a robust connection between resilience and gender, shedding light on how resilience manifests across different demographic groups. Furthermore, the data underscored a meaningful correlation between resilience and academic performance, underscoring the significance of nurturing resilience in educational environments.

Beyond the academic realm, the workshop provided a shared space for experiences, fostering collaboration. Through direct interaction with students at SMK Batu Lintang, the workshop played a pivotal role in cultivating a resilient mindset and advocating a positive approach to navigating challenges. This initiative, extending beyond the dissemination of knowledge, significantly contributed to laying the groundwork for resilience and fostering a proactive attitude toward life’s complexities.”

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