The 13th Student Intellectual Discourse (Education & Technology : Is Online Learning The Way Forward?)

The Counseling Services of Student Affairs organised their very first virtual 13th Student Intellectual Discourse via Zoom Meeting which comprising of 4 speakers from various programs. The topic was “Education & Technology: Is Online Learning The Way Forward?” and it was moderated by Professor Azrin Ariffin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs.

The student speakers were Amber Ahmad from Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment & Information Technology, Farah Zuyyin Binti Hanafi from Faculty of Business, Social Sciences & Hospitality Management, Ong Jia Huay from Faculty of Dentistry and Melanie Khor Wei Chen from Faculty of Education & Languages.

The discourse was discussing on the implementation of the online learning due to COVID19 which affect both parties either students or lecturers. The speakers were throwing their opinions about the pros and cons of online learning.

Most of the speakers agreed that online learning contributes more disadvantages than advantages as it gives an impact on emotional and physical health. The sudden switch in virtual education mode had led to stress and anxiety because students have to adapt to the new routines and no longer fixed schedules to follow. Besides, spending more time behind the laptop may affect physical health such as back problem and eyestrain.

The main challenge of online learning is technology has aggravated disparities between students that come from various economical backgrounds. Many students that come from lower-income families cannot afford to have access to amenities such as the internet and gadgets that support online learning.

Despite the disadvantages, there are also many benefits of online learning such as the flexibility as the classes can be conducted at any time and any place.

The discourse was attended by an astonishing number of 119 participants. Here’s to more intellectual discourse!

The virtual 13th Student Intellectual Discourse via Zoom Meeting.

Prof. Azrin as a moderator of the forum

  Participants of the 13th Student Intellectual Discourse..

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