Towards the mental well being – SEGi University’s Peer Counsellors Group 2020

The peer counsellors are a group of SEGi University students that has been trained with basic counselling skills in order to befriend, reach out and provide emotional support to the SEGi students. Established since year 2017, the team have made a lot of contributions directly and indirectly through the numerous events and activities that had been held in collaboration with Counselling Services Unit.

Here are some of the event highlights until July 2020:


Due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) been imposed on Malaysia since 18th March 2020, the Counselling Services of Student Affairs has decided not to let the newly selected Peer Counsellors Group to wait further. Thus the ice breaking had been brought totally online using video chat, ZOOM.

15 out of 23 newly elected peer counsellors had a good time, getting to know each other during the short session.

The session was led by Ms. Asyikin, the student counsellor. They started by introducing themselves by a simple ice breaking game. As they didn’t manage to bond before that, thus this meeting was a good opportunity to all to start building good rapport for further collaboration in the future.


THE GOOD VIBES VIDEO (18th March – 4th May 2020)

The peer counselors performing a short frontliners dance at the end of the video.

From an outbreak to a pandemic in the blink of an eye, COVID-19 has taken the media by storm. Staying optimistic in such an unforeseen crisis feels almost impossible as fear engulfs us all. But, practising positivity is a powerful way of keeping stress and worries at bay.

Thus, the Peer Counsellors Group from Counselling Services Office of SEGi University Student Affairs had took up the challenge to produce a video to spread good vibes and encourage each other during this difficult times.

Click on the link to watch the video:



In continuing with spreading the good vibes, we then continue to engage the Peer Counsellors with  the Oath Taking Ceremony through video online meeting, ZOOM.

A total of 24 peer counsellors took an Oath of Confidentiality, which is similar to inform consent for those seeking counselling services. The peer counsellors are trained with skills to reach out to those with emotional distress. They would also assist in mental health programmes organised by the Counselling Services.

The Oath of Confidentiality was led by Mohammad Ali, Centre of Pre-U Studies. Prof Azrin Ariffin, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs was invited to give welcoming speech and aspiration to the team members as they will embark their journey by offering their assistance to fellow SEGians. The group will be signing the oath forms for physically after the MCO is lifted.



The Counselling Services of Student Affairs has then proceeded to train the newly selected Peer Counsellors team virtually during the Recovery Movement Control Order (MCO). The team were required to take part in Basic Counselling Skills training via Google Meet on 10th July 2020.

It started with Prof Azrin Ariffin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Student Affairs gave an opening speech to encourage and motivate the peer counsellors.

The training was led by Ms Alice and Ms Lily, registered counsellors of SEGi University. It is consisted of counsellor’s criteria, psychology and counselling’s terms, basic listening skills and mental health-related knowledge. Through this training, they are expected to get more understanding about counselling process, mental health and be able to use the knowledge accordingly. The Peer Counsellors also will be able to befriend with their peers and to reach out to those with emotional distress without being judgemental.

Upon completion of online training and self-revision, an online assessment was conducted through google classroom to test each of team members understanding about the information throughout the session.

Congratulations to all and May the Best in You, Made Possible!

“What greater bliss than to look back on days spent in usefulness, in doing good to those around us”.

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