What has Industry 4.0 got to do with IT?

EVERYTHING! The ICT industry is probably the biggest influencer and benefactor of Industry 4.0. Information and Community Technology and innovation make up the crux of Industry 4.0 as it has a major impact on almost all sectors, particularly business, manufacturing, engineering, and education.

Users are moving from flash drives to cloud storage, digital forms to AI chatbots, cash to e-wallets, drawing boards to simulations, and physical meetings to digital collaborations just to name a few. Manufacturers are phasing out semi-automated assembly lines and manual labour and investing into autonomous robots. Homes are being manufactured in factories and installed at sites and all of these are made possible through machine programming and systems integration.

Today, you can control your TV and switches using smartphones thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) or get anything delivered to your doorstep at a click of a button. The advancement of technologies is changing the job dynamics as well.

As Information and Communication Technologies evolve, so does the job scope and needs. The World Economic Forum said that 65% of primary school children today will work in jobs that haven’t been created yet. So, if you are thinking about pursuing IT programmes or working in the field, you have just opened yourself up to a world of possibilities.

Not only should you be prepared for a flexible future, but you will also need to think and breathe innovation. A critical, innovative and creative mindset bears greater if not equal weight to technical skills and competencies and at SEGi we prepare you in every aspect.

SEGi University offers double degrees in Information Technology (in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire) and Bachelor of Science in Cybersecurity (Hons), which provides the basis for new-age computing, information and communication technologies and IT security.

Visit segi.edu.my and check out our Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology to learn more.

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